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What takes place in a wrestling match

Before - The wrestlers are each given leg bands of opposing colors (typically red and green). The referee is wearing wrist bands with corresponding colors. The referee awards points throughout the match by raising the corresponding hand.
First - Both wrestlers come forward from the corners of the mat, receive the instructions and shake hands.
Next - The referee blows his whistle and signals, "Wrestle."
Next - Each wrestler tries to take control of the opponent by getting behind or on top of him - a "takedown."
Point - The first points are likely to be given for a takedown. When one wrestler gets a takedown, the referee signals 2 points with the appropriate hand.
Then - The DEFENSIVE (or "down") wrestler tries to escape or reverse his position to get on top or behind. The OFFENSIVE (or "top") wrestler tries to stay on top and get a hold with which he can keep his opponents shoulders on the mat for 2 seconds - a fall or pin.
Every match has three periods. Each period is 2 minutes long (unless modified).

First Period

Starts from standing or neutral position.
Second Period
Choice of position is decided by toss of coin. The winner may choose either up, down, neutral, or defer choice to 3rd period.

Third Period

Contestant with choice may choose up, down, or neutral.


Takedown - 2 points
When a wrestler takes control and is on top of his opponent from the neutral or standing position.
Escape - 1 point
Getting out from underneath to a standing position or neutral position facing opponent.
Reversal - 2 points
Getting out from under an opponent and behind or on top of him by one maneuver.
Near Fall (back points) - 3 points
Holding an opponent's shoulders with a pinning combination with one shoulder touching and the other 1 inch off the mat for 2 full seconds or more.
Near Fall (back points) - 2 points
Holding an opponent's shoulders within about 4 inches of the mat or less for 1 full second or one shoulder touching the other at a 45 degree angle.
Stalling - 1 point
To opponent having a position of advantage and failing to make an honest attempt to secure a fall.
Illegal Hold - Roughness, technical foul -- awarded to the offensive wrestler.

Information obtained from http://www.sterectory.org/Wrestling/guide.html             

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